Artoo is transforming banking for the poor, using the power of mobile, cloud and data. Through our partners, we disburse USD 3 Million in loans every month. We are funded and are now gearing up to scale rapidly.

While most people believe that “real engineering” happens only at Facebook & Google, we believe in starting the #code4impact revolution – “real engineering” that improves the lives of people in an immediate and direct way.

You are someone who will take our product to the next level – a hacker who is passionate about creating a dent in the universe, building apps that matter: apps that improve quality of lives. You are inquisitive, an independent thinker who isn’t shy to propose bold solutions, you are entrepreneurial and above all, you are fun to work with.

● Build a good developer workflow that makes it easier for you and the developers to deploy directly into production.
● Create (internal) tools that automate, improve efficiency and security.
● Think about availability, scalability and monitoring.
● Conceptualize and implement ways to reduce our cloud costs.
● Based on regulatory requirements deploy Virtual Private Clouds or other suitable cloud configurations.
● Dig into the code and find areas of improving performance.
● Learn, work on the entire stack. Teach. Build a team.

We ask that you have the following:
● Passion to work at the intersection of technology and development.
● Strong entrepreneurial spirit.
● Demonstrated experience with AWS ­ EC2 and related tools.
● Demonstrated experience using tools like Chef, Puppet, etc.
● Great at Shell Scripting . Bonus: Ruby, C/C++, Erlang or JavaScript.
● Ideas on how to use spot instances for high availability and business critical systems.

About Artoo

Artoo is a specialized CRM for financial institutions that allows them to manage all their interactions with the customer on a single platform and derive key insights. Modules Include - Lead Management, Loan Origination, Cash Flow Templates, Credit Bureau Integration, Credit Underwriting, Credit Scoring, Collections, Analytics, KYC Image Capture, LUC & Monitoring