We’re looking for a maven in all-things speech (deep learning interest/experience is a bonus).
Most of ASR research is done in big companies. Sure, talent is around, but it’s really only in less crowded space that your firefly brilliance can really shine. Hinton & al. can only confirm that.

What about getting ALSO a unique growth & impact of an early-stage startup?
Yes? drop everything else & read below.

Products where ASR is really the key component are 99% of the time made to:
*answer quick/superficial requests from lazy users (Siri, Google Now, Cortana, Echo)
*dealing with angry customers on the phone (all the IVRs)
*dictate emails for busy people (Nuance)

What if you could change 400M lives instead? Turn a lifetimes of frustration into a deep connection?

Ava is a mobile app using speech and speaker identification technologies to make conversations between deaf & hard-of-hearing people and hearing people possible.

At Ava, the CEO is the only hearing person in a family of deaf people, and the CTO is deaf and non-speaking. And we use our ASR-based product everyday to communicate. We’re the round pegs here. And we care about the 400M people out there who struggle everyday to just have a social & professional life and that YOUR tech will help.
If it wasn’t for Ava, the next best solution would take 10X time or 100X cost.

If this makes you excited, get in touch with us, especially if:

*You’ve been researching & working on ASR, NLP, acoustic modeling, and language models for several years, with a related degree or tons of projects.

*Experience in Deep Learning is a plus

*You’re are ready to be a pioneer in the field,

*Of the persistent, yet open-minded and collaborative type: you reason by independent thinking first, but you know that together, we’re stronger.

What you get:
Early-stage -> massive equity opportunity.
Competitive salary
Full health insurance
Work visa (E2) for French applicants
Help to relocate to the Bay Area if you need to.

About Ava

We are Ava and we believe total accessibility is possible.
We're a small team from around the world
and we're breaking down communication barriers between the deaf & hearing worlds.

Group conversations are a daily struggle for 400 million people suffering from disabling hearing loss, which excludes them from many professional and social interactions.
Ava is the easiest way for them to be included in the conversation.

Like a Siri for group conversations, the mobile app empowers individuals to see who says what around them, in less than a second. Our system swiftly pairs smartphones in a room, and processes the conversation to show you a real time, color-coded transcript of the discussion. At business meetings, family dinners, social gatherings, you launch the app, and Ava does the rest.

Ava is transforming communications for the deaf/hard-of-hearing people by bridging communication gaps with a 24/7 personal, lightning fast, and affordable captioning experience.