As our first Senior Product Manager, you will play a key role in setting our product vision and strategy, design and manage the release of solutions that delight our users, and elevate the efficiency of our Product Team by guiding and mentoring your teammates.

Assist in setting high-level product vision, working closely with the Leadership Team and Product teammates to conceive and prioritize projects, utilizing a deep understanding of Catchafire users, business metrics, product metrics, and user feedback
Design amazing products. Gather data and synthesize requirements to create innovative solutions, painstakingly detailing every aspect of functionality, user interaction, and visual design
Guide projects from conception to implementation, bearing ultimate responsibility for their success or failure, and testing, monitoring, and revisiting them as needed to maximize their impact
Mentor other Product Team members, fostering their improvement by overseeing projects and designing and executing plans tailored to develop your colleagues’ strengths and eliminate their weaknesses
Chart the path to the goal: You can envision the ideal state of the company’s product offerings weeks, months, and years into the future. You can chart multiple paths forward and weigh each possibility against the others, synthesizing information from a wide array of sources and ultimately selecting the best solution.
Strategic thinker: You are not satisfied with unstated assumptions or with taking direction without critical evaluation. You work hard to understand the underlying purpose of each assignment and the rationale behind existing processes. You spot risks and surface latent optimizations that others miss, thus elevating your own efficiency and that of your teammates.
Drive alignment: You are an expert negotiator. You mediate disagreements among stakeholders by providing compromise solutions that are satisfactory to all while still delighting the user. Since the outcomes of your projects rely on colleagues you do not directly manage, you are adept at crafting and communicating a vision that inspires all project participants to strive for excellence.
Nimble: You can adapt your short and long term plans in real time to accommodate new information and changing priorities. You thrive under constraints and you are comfortable working with limited time and limited Tech resources, but you also know when circumstances demand more of both.
Strong sense of user intuition: Your days and nights are consumed by dreaming up new and unexpected ways to delight your users. You can adopt the mindset of diverse users and peel back layer after layer of feedback and requests until you understand the root cause of each. You can clearly articulate users’ desires and assess the degree to which a single design or series of releases will fulfill those desires. You routinely discover and champion new ideas to widen your user base, drive engagement, improve conversion rates, etc.
Data-oriented: You cite engagement metrics when prioritizing a list of projects, drop-off rates when overhauling a user flow, and the results of your latest A/B test when planning the next iteration of a feature. You are uncomfortable launching a project without specifying success metrics and scheduling time to analyze the project’s impact.
Master product designer: You carefully consider the pros and cons of every potential design decision. You think holistically, recognizing that the impact of individual product decisions are rarely isolated. Every UI element is placed intentionally, every edge case is accounted for. You are comfortable designing in phases. You are adept at extracting an MVP from an idealized initial concept and can clearly envision the individual steps – noting risks and opportunities – that will lead to a mature product. You understand the limits imposed – and opportunities provided – by the technology underlying your projects. Your solutions are informed by a mental map of the inner workings of data-driven web applications.
Flexible communicator: You are an expert communicator and presenter. You are comfortable communicating with audiences of all kinds and can adapt your presentation on the fly to accommodate surprises.

Must Have:

5+ years of designing and managing complex, consumer-facing web applications
Mastery of graphic design tools, UX principles, paper sketching, user flow analysis, and wireframing
5+ years of product management experience and expertise in managing multiple stakeholders
Managed the release of a brand new product line
Experience developing a product roadmap
Experience mentoring junior colleagues
Nice to Have:

Startup experience
Experience as a key participant in defining and prioritizing a firm-wide product roadmap
Mobile device product development experience
Experience working in the social good sector
Competitive salary commensurate with experience
Comprehensive benefits
If our values resonate with you, email your resume to careers@catchafire.org. Include ” Senior Product Manager” in the subject, and please include short answers to the following questions: (1) Why do you want to work at Catchafire? (2) What is your personal philosophy on work? This position is based in New York City.

About Catchafire

CATCHAFIRE is a community of individuals striving to push the social good sector forward by focusing on efficient and effective ways to give back. One way we do this is by matching professionals with nonprofits based on their skills, cause interest and time availability.

We’re committed to providing transformational volunteer experiences, so all of the nonprofits we welcome into our community must have demonstrable impact, strong leadership and be aligned to our mission. Our nonprofits are required to make a financial investment to confirm their commitment to our partnership and Catchafire Consultants’ time. This also allows us to continue to provide high quality matches and support to our partners. Our goal is to provide a significant return on investment for our partners and save them time, money and resources in finding talented and passionate individuals who have the potential to become long term advocates.

Catchafire is a New York City-based, for-purpose social mission business and a certified B-Corporation.