We wanted an investment platform that made investing simple and effective for any level of investment experience (individuals and institutions). We wanted a way to invest in companies we respect, that protect people and planet, and to avoid companies we don’t, while protecting investment performance. Finally, we wanted a low cost option, knowing just how damaging high fees are to long term gains.

Welcome to Ethic. Smart, honest investing.

Ethic was described by Inc. Magazine as one of the six leading companies making the world a better place.

About Ethic

We are Ethic. More specifically, we are Jay, Doug and Johny. We wanted a way in which we could invest in businesses treating the world, their employees and their shareholders well. So we created one.

We’ve spent years advising and managing money for some of the world’s most sophisticated investors. You should not – and do not – have to sacrifice financial return by investing in responsible companies. We created Ethic to inspire people to invest both responsibly and well.

Sustainable investing means supporting companies that act responsibly. It doesn’t mean restricting our investments just to solar plants and wind farms (although they’re great!). We empower investors to create a portfolio they can be proud of, based on their personal values as well as their financial goals.

Our mission is to change the way the world invests, by bringing sustainable investing mainstream. Sustainable investing is the future, because it has to be. Without it, there isn’t a future worth investing in.

Join us at Ethic and become part of the movement in bringing sustainable investing mainstream.


Jay, Doug and Johny
(The founding team at Ethic)