Everytable is a Los Angeles-based social enterprise startup that sells fresh, healthy, grab-and-go meals that are affordable for everyone. Meals are produced fresh each day at our central commissary kitchen and sold through small footprint, company-operated stores. We are well-funded, with a results-oriented management team that is dead set on building a lasting business that solves a major social problem. We are growing rapidly.

We are looking for a Director of Operations & Analytics. The person in this role would be responsible for:

Kitchen Productivity:

• Working with Kitchen Production Manager to implement and oversee volume production of meals, to drive high productivity, food safety, quality and consistency
• Ensure cost controls (e.g. labor, ingredients, overhead) to achieve performance targets
• Drive performance of other KPIs, such as on-time delivery and meal production per man-hour
• Support Kitchen Production Manager in management of supply chain logistics
• Support Kitchen Production Manager in forging and managing vendor relationships with food distributors & farms, beverage & snack distributors, packaging & consumables suppliers, etc.
• Scout locations for new commissary kitchen, oversee design & build-out (with an eye toward process flow and productivity), and ensure seamless transition of production between facilities

Retail Store Logistics:

• Vetting and selecting a POS System that enhances data collection and tracking
• Implement scalable processes and procedures for meal volume forecasting & delivery logistics to stores
• Manage delivery process end-to-end including managing drivers, trucks, and processes for handoff & stocking
• Drive performance of other KPIs such as stock-out rate, inventory obsolescence, and customer satisfaction

The Director of Operations & Analytics will report directly to David Foster, Co-Founder.

Ideal Candidate Will Be Experienced
• Operating in a fast-paced start-up environment
• Managing a diverse team and prioritizing numerous responsibilities
• Managing high-volume manufacturing operations or other high-level systems

Ideal Candidate Will Be
• Optimistic
• Team oriented
• Organized
• A clear communicator
• Highly analytical and numerically fluent
• Self-disciplined, and able to work autonomously in a high-intensity environment
• Passionate about our mission of making healthy food affordable for all

Compensation & Benefits
• Cash and equity package, competitive with executive-level roles in VC-backed seed-stage start-ups
• Health Insurance


About Everytable

Delicious, fresh meals...affordable for all.