Fig is a socially responsible lender focused on the 1/3rd of Americans who do not qualify for a traditional bank loan. We focus on redesigning the borrowing experience for transparency and efficiency, benefiting both the borrower and Fig. Think plain English vs legalese fine print, scalable UI vs expensive call centers and predictive analytics vs FICO underwriting.

The team today comprises two co-founders and 4-6 contractors. We’ve been lending for 11 months and are fully licensed in Texas. We recently graduated from Techstars and Village Capital. We also recently closed a $1.5M (equity/debt) seed round. The co-founders met during school and have backgrounds in finance, risk and tech.

As our first operations hire, you will be a core member of the team and heavily shape the future operations of Fig. The ideal candidate is excited to touch all aspects of Fig’s processes from day-to-day customer service to scaling from a 4 to 50 person organization. This is a full time position in NYC. We’re looking for someone with the potential to grow into a senior manager and even chief operating officer.

Successful candidates have …

• A belief that finance can improve the lives of a large number of Americans
• Desire to tackle ambiguous challenges and develop new skills on the fly
• Passion for creating quality solutions that are both nimble and resilient
• Ability to initiate and drive projects to completion and willing to take responsibility for entire corporate functions as needed
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills – you will be cross functional and expected to move fluidly between internal and external facing roles
• A way to show us people come to you when stuff needs to get done!

We would like to hire between September – October of this year. Competitive compensation commensurate with experience. If you’re interested, please email: john@figloans.com

About Fig Loans

Fig offers small dollar bridge loans to borrowers who would otherwise resort to payday, title or pawn shop loans. Fig loans build credit and are designed to be repaid. Our mission is to help consumers transition into mainstream credit products.

Fig loans are 4-6 months, have flexible repayment plans and range from $100-$1000. In contrast to payday loans which charge on average ~600% APR, Fig loans are offered at 80% APR. As we build our loan database and scale, we ultimately aim to offer loans at credit card level rates. Fig achieves its lower rate by partnering with financial case coaches for business model innovation. Additionally, case coaches only refer borrowers they believe can repay the loan, thereby selecting higher quality borrowers. In return, Fig provides nonprofits an independent scalable solution that saves case counselors time, preserves precious non-profit funds, and contributes annual donations as part of Fig’s social impact charter.