Increasing Travel Opportunities Matters. Why? Those who travel are exponentially more likely to work on projects that reduce inequalities in the world rather than simply maximizing income. People who experience different places, people, and cultures and realize they live privileged lives contribute more to society over time. We need a larger community of global travel advocates.

We need internal champions for Horizon inside of trusted communities all over the world.

Passion for travel & building community is paramount to be considered. If your interest is just about a paycheck, don’t bother following up. Great community builders are already building community with zero financial incentive — thus, there is zero chance we will end up paying someone who is not already using Horizon to build community in their own networks. We feel Horizon is a better community building tool than the alternatives, so you must prove you believe that too.

About Horizon

Your trusted hospitality network enabling you to find a place to stay with someone you trust. Discovering trusted connections starts with organizing your Facebook graph by location, and unlocking hospitality from members in professional associations, service organizations, and alumni groups you may belong to.

We believe in travel by giving, and provide travelers the option to thank their hosts by making a donation to a charity of choice (Kiva.org is our first beneficiary).