Reporting to the CEO, the Director, Marketing will serve as a key member of Hypothesis’ leadership team, evolving and implementing our strategy to bring a universal conversation layer to all knowledge. That strategy will identify market opportunities where we can showcase the unique potential of annotation, and the combination of initiatives and processes that will drive growth in awareness, usage and distribution, enabling us to achieve our overall impact.

Fundamentally, annotations will grow because for a growing number of communities it becomes an essential part of their social workflow. The successful candidate will take ownership of growing Hypothesis’ user base, through a combination of product strategy, partnerships, coalitions and growth hacking with the primary service.

The Director will collaborate internally and externally to achieve these objectives, including particularly with the programs staff, to identify and assist in execution of strategies to bring annotation on within program verticals. A key deliverable will be identification of metrics through which Hypothesis will measure its progress and success in uptake and adoption of annotation overall.

Ultimately, the Director is the steward of the Hypothesis voice and brand, as an organization to be trusted with such a responsibility. It is no small challenge to bring a universe of annotators online, and this role will be one of our most challenging, as well as its most rewarding.

Applicants should be passionate about the social transformation possible, have a sense of humility about the responsibility it brings, and be insightful and articulate about how they would approach a large unbounded problem like this.



Work with the CEO and internal stakeholders to understand the challenge, and forge a consensus solution. Identify the resources necessary and how to source them.
Build out and manage a marketing team to deliver on the strategy.
Craft a voice and identify the channels, partnerships, press we should leverage and the metrics to evaluate as we build the awareness of Hypothesis and its mission.
Organize high profile demonstrations of the potential of annotation within influential communities. Perhaps similar to what Climate Feedback has begun with Hypothesis.
Provide strategic input and support to fundraising initiatives for the organization.
Help bring additional high-impact leaders into the organization.
Develop and hone our values as part of our brand.
Own the development and delivery of the website and other necessary materials.
Collaborate with management to support the strategy, positioning and messaging required to establish and grow the capital (via fundraising) and commercial business required to fund the product and adoption.
Publicly represent Hypothesis as a key spokesperson and evangelist.
Preferred qualifications

A proven background of leading the strategic marketing of technology products or services within an equivalent organization.
Strong intellectual and creative capacity to break down challenges and identify innovative, practical approaches to solving them.
Strong understanding of the fundamentals of the modern online marketing toolbox, including the strategies and services that can drive growth, how to measure performance, and how to optimize results.
A talent for positioning of initiatives and communications, and the ability to quickly draft prose to reflect them.
Understanding of public relations and how to create the awareness necessary to achieve organizational objectives.
A passion for the open knowledge, open software movement and an understanding of its potential for social change.
Strong familiarity with Web technologies and the modern open source software movement.
San Francisco Bay Area location preferred, but not required.

About Hypothesis

“To enable a conversation over the world’s knowledge.”
We think simple tools can help us all improve the quality of information on the Internet and in the greater world around us.

Our team is building an open platform for discussion on the web. It leverages annotation to enable sentence-level critique or note-taking on top of news, blogs, scientific articles, books, terms of service, ballot initiatives, legislation and more. Everything we build is guided by our principles. In particular that it be free, open, non-profit, neutral and lasting to name a few.

We create software, push for standards, and foster community.

We are a non-profit organization, funded through the generosity of the Knight, Mellon, Shuttleworth, Sloan, Helmsley, and Omidyar Foundations– and through the support of hundreds of individuals like yourself that want to see this idea come to fruition. You can view our tax returns here.

Our efforts are based on the Annotator project, which we are principal contributors to, and annotation standards for digital documents being developed by the W3C Web Annotation Working Group. We are partnering broadly with developers, publishers, academic institutions, researchers, and individuals to develop a platform for the next generation of read-write Web applications. You can follow our development progress on our roadmap. Many have contributed tools, plug-ins and integrations.

If you’d like to participate, download our extension and create an account. Please consider donatingto support our effort.