We’re seeking a candidate to fill an entry-level role at Juntos that marries design, operations, and engineering. If you love building puzzles, enjoy a fast-paced work environment, and are looking for ways to make a difference in the world, we’d love to talk to you.

As a Product Operations Specialist at Juntos, you play a central and pivotal role in building and operating our text message conversation platform. You work closely with designers all around the world to build and deploy new conversations every week. You are a touchpoint for all the operations of a partnership – ensuring that our text message conversations are timely, accurate, and robust. And along the way you participate in the rapid experimentation process that identifies effective strategies to promote financial inclusion.

Essential to the position:

Extraordinary attention to detail & insatiable curiosity
You love puzzles of any / every kind.
You love to learn about people, their ideas, quirks, and interests.
You care about little details – even when no one else notices.
Motivated to improve efficiency and quality of your work. Always seeking to improve outcomes.
Preference for collaborative work. Keen listening & observational skills.
True love of learning. Ability to explain complex concepts in simple, straightforward terms.
Willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve the team’s goals.
Humility in actions, conversations, and mentality. Absence of personal ownership over ideas. Strong personal satisfaction from collective success.
Undergrad degree from a four-year college preferred.
This is a unique and important role at Juntos with opportunities to grow in responsibility and skill. As a Product Operations Specialist, you will be creating products that have a chance to change the global landscape of financial inclusion. If that’s exciting to you or someone you know, please reach out.

Juntos is venture backed by Aligned Partners and Omidyar Network and headquartered in San Carlos, California.

About Juntos

Based in California's Silicon Valley.
Juntos began at the Stanford d.school, believing in the power of behavior change and user-centric design. Our mission is to design tools that empower users to save and build confidence in their financial lives.