We are searching for a highly-skilled coder to fill out our core engineering team. The perfect candidate is a confident systems-thinker that has spent many hours in the depths of object-oriented code, and is able to go from whiteboard collaboration to working prototype in 24 hours.

Lumeter is a technology company, whose success depends on seamless integration of:
• a complex transactional database
• a robust and scalable server architecture
• a rugged embedded-hardware metering platform
• a compelling user interface, which must be accessible through multiple channels, including the tightly bandwidth-constrained environment of mobile web, mobile money, and SMS.

This extraordinary challenge requires expert coders that practice:
• Clear intention and consistency when architecting code
• Insightful analysis of an objective before even opening a file
• Knowledge and appreciation of existing tools and structures
• Clarity and logic when implementing solutions that are compelling, flexible, and scalable
• Strength in communication of both requirement and design intent

Necessary skills:
• High level Python and JavaScript/CSS/HTML
• Ability to lead a team of software and hardware developers
• Experience thinking about and leading towards technological horizons
• Comfort thinking at both macro- and micro-scales around solutions and seamlessly connecting them

This role affords flexibility as well as significant autonomy. We have a core office in North America as well as an office of Business Development and software developers in Nairobi, Kenya. We want an architect that is willing and able to travel Kenya to fully understand the needs of our end-customers, business development team and distributors.

About Lumeter Networks

Lumeter Networks has developed an ultra-affordable pre-paid electricity meter along with an SMS and cloud-based accounting system that is supplied to renewable energy companies to allow them to supply electricity to the 1.4 billion people that lack access.

Customers buy credits in the same way as they top-up their phones, while the platform tracks the payments and makes sure everyone - including project funders - get paid.

Lumeter is well positioned as a key founding player in the Pay-as-you-go market, which is rapidly growing across sub-Saharan Africa, including partnerships with many major Mobile Money operators.