We’re hiring specifically for our latest project, Audiosear.ch.

You have experience in back end development and Rails (experience working with audio/media management is a bonus). You are passionate about technology, media, learning and data wrangling. You are able to think conceptually about data modeling as well as get your hands dirty with implementation and scaling. You are comfortable working closely with other engineers on a small team. Your car might have an XKCD bumper sticker right next to “I heard it on NPR.” Some examples of what you’ll be digging into:

Continuous processing and transcription of thousands of hours of audio around the clock li Integration of updates and improvements to audio processing capabilities li Planning and implementation for storing and serving audio data through the Audiosear.ch API
We offer competitive compensation and equity. Contact Bailey Smith(bailey@popuparchive.com)using the subject “Pop Up Archive Back-end Dev Resume.” Please include the following:

Your resume
Your Github handle
A cover letter (as the body of your email)
The name of your favorite podcast and/or the most interesting thing you’ve heard on the radio lately

About Pop UP Archive

Pop Up Archive (www.popuparchive.com,www.audiosear.ch) is an early-stage media startup that makes sound searchable. Audiosear.ch is a full-text search and intelligence API for podcasts. It's the most comprehensive source of data about podcasts and radio in the English language. Our goal is to help audio distributors and podcast apps bring better search, discovery, and sharing experiences to audiences.

Our current customers range from major podcast players like NPR to large institutional audio collections like the New York Public Library, with lots of media companies, archives, and journalists in between. We’ve worked with audio from NASA, Rosa Parks, Oliver Sacks, Buster Keaton, Muhammad Ali, Gloria Steinem, Barnum and Bailey Circus, Ray Bradbury, and other miscellaneous geniuses and eccentrics. Our website,popuparchive.com, has more information aboutwho we are andwhat we do.

Our investors include Bloomberg, the Knight Foundation, and500 Startups, a Silicon Valley accelerator founded by PayPal and Google alums, and we’ve also been funded through federal grants with PRX, WGBH, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Institute for Museum and Library Services.