We are looking for one Office Manager to join our stellar team in Mexico City, Mexico. In this role, you will handle communications and follow up with our clients while ensuring that everyone in the office remains happy and provided with the tools to do their jobs correctly.

This position is located in our Mexico City office.

Fluency in Spanish and English
A love of people and a patience in interacting with them
A technical degree
2+ years of work experience
Competitive USD based salary
Ability to work from home when desired
Health benefits
3 weeks of paid vacation days
Please just send your resume or a link to your LinkedIn profile to (careers [at] regalii [dot] com). Somebody from our team will follow up with you in about a day to get going with the interview process.


About Regalli

There are tons of startups that focus on making the lives of the top 1% of society better—but how many are focused on improving the lives of the bottom 20%?

Meet Regalii. Regalii is focused on improving the lives of hard working immigrants at the bottom of the economic pyramid. We are revolutionizing the process of sending money abroad to make it instantaneous, safe and completely transparent. We have created the world's best bill payment platform—one that allows customers to track their families finances and make payments to over 500 utility companies in 10 different countries.

Before Regalii, it would to take a whole day for someone to pay the electricity bill of a relative living abroad. Now with Regalii, a relative can track her electricity bill each month, and pay it instantly online and in thousands of off-line locations.

Regalii is backed by several famous investors, including YCombinator (S2013), the Winklevoss twins, Andreessen Horowitz, Alexis Ohanian, Brad Feld, Tucker Max and Mitch Kapor.