We’re Resolute and we need smart and hard-working people to join us in our vision to accelerate science.

Recently, we came up with the hypothesis that the process of technology innovation is not as innovative as it could be. We asked around, ending up building a technology marketplace prototype, tested it with 100+ people – and now we have a hot trial-user list featuring over 60 Fortune 1000 companies that we need to close sales with.

Our product is a novel platform that will be the first technology marketplace in the world.

It will be sold to three main functional areas:
– Research & development
– Corporate / Business development
– Open innovation

Our overall goal for the next 24 months:
– To achieve $200,000 in monthly recurring revenue ($4.8M / year)
– Maintain an EBITDA margin of at least 60% while appropriately re-investing in growth

As a member of our team, you will work closely with our senior software engineers, managing a database of thousands of technologies. Your work will directly impact the innovation pipelines of our clients and ultimately be the basis for the first technology marketplace in the world.

Here is what the role entails:

Responsible for:
– Discovering / sourcing new technologies
– Automating information retrieval processes
– Innovating methods to enhance database operations
– Database / systems management
– Communicating issues with team

Experience with:
– HTML & CSS (basic knowledge is ok)
– Surfacing and problem-solving undefined issues
– Working without oversight and within teams

Interest in:
– Staying up to date with new science
– Growing into advanced technical / business roles
– Learning machine learning

– SQL is a plus
– Fast-learner / problem-solver
– Emphasis on quality is important
– Must have a sense of humor, be amicable, and client-focused
– If you don’t match the criteria exactly but you really want this job, please apply

About Resolute Innovation

Resolute Innovation makes it easy to discover breakthrough technology, learn about the science, and explore partnership opportunities with inventors around the world.

We know that inventors have great science to offer industry, but may not have the time or resources to get in front of all the right audiences. With Resolute, we change that and offer inventors a platform for promoting emerging technology.

With over 50,000 deal opportunities live and counting, Resolute is the ultimate match-making resource for inventors, technology scouts, licensing professionals, R&D scientists, innovation-seekers, and more.

Join us on our mission to accelerate to market the technology that will define our world.