Seeking a mobile/SDK expert with experience selling and assisting in the client-side implementation of our SDK and API products.

The ideal candidate will have the following:

-a deep understanding of iOS, Android, and Unity development
-many relationships within the app development community
-a proven track record of killer sales(wo)manship
-SDK/API integration and troubleshooting experience

The best candidates will also have experience working at early-stage companies and therefore wearing many hats. S/he is a great communicator, unusually resourceful, a hustler who enjoys surmounting the challenges startups see as they’re beginning to scale.

This teammate will help us more rapidly approach our ultimate goal: making Seeds ubiquitous, so that the opportunity to channel capital into a microloan at the touch of a button is available at all digital POP.

Lastly, but most importantly, our ideal teammate would be someone who cares deeply about shifting systems in ways that can improve the world for the least fortunate, therefore benefiting everyone.

About Seeds

Seeds boosts mobile revenues by as much as 1/3 through for-profit social good: microtransactions for microloans.

We deep link in-app purchases to microloans made in the developing world. Millennials love purposeful mobile spending, and we make it easy for them to do in the apps they use most.

Social good makes it 58% more likely that a user will spend her first dollar in your game or app, breaking the payment seal. From there, she'll spend an average of another $25, and an entrepreneur in the developing world will get a leg up. Everyone wins.

We take a transaction fee in-app, and share in the interest generated on the loans made through trusted partners. We're grossing $0.915 per DAU per month (as compared to $0.254 per DAU per month in Clash of Clans, according to public data, for context).

Join us as we kill the next big consumer trend among millennials: mobile, for-profit social good at every point of purchase