We’re currently programming in Elixir and Ruby. We deploy with Docker, Ansible and Kubernetes on AWS. We currently use webpack to transpile/minimize our assets and we’re looking for someone to own the frontend stack.

If you’re a strong communicator who’s capable of learning things and not afraid of ownership, solarforschools is definitely an interesting place for you.

Your tasks

As a frontend developer at solarforschools your responsibility will be

– building easy to use tools for teachers and kids to figure out whether solar panels are feasible for their schools
– building internal tools to allow our team to reduce repetitive work so we love our jobs even more
– building an sdk which can be integrated with schools’ websites to display their energy production and consumption
– internationalize and localize our product to have a true global impact
– strong communication skills and fluency in English
– professional software development experience; the more the better
– proficiency in at least one of the following backend frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Phoenixframework, or Django or similar
– a passion for software development and development best practices
– good listener who places the success of the company and its product ahead of any idea
– solid knowledge about git
bonus points
– you worked in an agile development team
– experience with the pipedrive API
– experience with docker
– experience with Ansible
– experiene with microservice architecture
– interest in functional programming languages
Your application

If you’re interested, please send the following informations to jobs@solarforschools.co.uk

– a link to your github/bitbucket repository or attach code samples for review.
– your CV

If you’re a recruiter or agency please use the following email instead agencies@solarforschools.co.uk

About SolarforSchools

Our goal is to fight global warming and educate our future generation on sustainability. We do this by helping schools to produce renewable energy. School roofs are big, schools have a high energy consumption and it’s unlikely for schools to run out of business, that’s why we believe they’re perfect real estate for solar panels.

At solar for schools, we help schools go solar by managing and de-risking the entire process of funding, installing, managing and maintaining solar panels, so schools have complete peace of mind now and in the future.

We provide data and tools for the curriculum to support teachers engaging children with real life applications of nature sciences.

Why us

We believe in a small and effective development team. We are geographically distributed in Munich, London and Suffolk. We’d like to have impact on a greater cause and look for like-minded people who love what we do and which love technology.

We treat people fair and with candor and allow flexible working hours because we have families.