As Director of Email Marketing, you will be responsible for the management and execution of all Email Marketing activities across multiple business silos. You will be responsible for all customer interaction with email from the first time someone hears about SupportPay (Acquisition Flow) to all LTV boosting activities (In Product). You will work alongside the other Directors at SupportPay and directly under the CMO. This is a highly KPI/ROI driven position. You will be responsible for generating revenue within your silo as well as offering collaborative effort to your fellow Directors. This is a position for someone who can own content, design, story, product, and technical aspects of the email channel – You are the leader of this channel.

For your efforts, you will be rewarded with competitive+ salary along with revenue share in a company with grand slam potential. You will be working alongside the best of the best in a fast paced, high output environment. You will be expected to perform exceptionally and you can expect the same from your colleagues.

SupportPay wants you! Come join us at SupportPay if you’re a world class player in all things email!

About SupportPay

SupportPay is the 1st automated child support payment platform that enables parents to share child expenses & exchange child support/alimony directly with each other.

In the US, there are 55 million parents that live apart. 39 million exchange over $200B/yr in child expenses & child support/alimony. (most hear about the 16M who don't pay) Globally there are over 298M parents who exchange $900B/yr. After a parent has an order, there has been no standard way for parents to manage this conflict ridden process. Since child support is not just a single monthly payment but also a broad collection of shared expenses (medical, education, childcare, etc) parents must continually manage, communicate & negotiate over these expenses. The process is complex, time consuming & stressful.

SupportPay eliminates child support conflict providing both parents transparency while saving time & money. Parents can now spend less time managing child support & more time raising happy, healthy children.