WorldCover sells crop insurance to farmers in the developing world, starting with Ghana. We use remote sensing and data science to create a simple and affordable insurance product to protect farmers from drought. Our insurance policies are funded by investors through a marketplace model so we don’t directly take risk for payouts. We are a for-profit Public Benefit Corporation headquartered in New York City, backed by global venture capital investors and Y Combinator. Our mission is to help families and small businesses manage risk from natural disasters so they can invest profitably and build a better future. We have significant traction in Ghana and are looking to grow there and additional markets in the next year.

An exceptional professional to drive product innovation for WorldCover’s crop insurance service Ghana.

Job Location
Ghana. Home base is flexible but significant travel (>75%) throughout Ghana is anticipated, especially to our office in Tamale.

1+ year commitment to WorldCover. Full-time job.

Job Description
WorldCover is seeking a talented Product Manager to lead the evolution of our product and customer experience in Ghana. Continually improving and innovating on our product in response to customer feedback and changing market conditions is essential to our success.

Responsibilities will include conducting user research and surveying partners and industry experts to generate new feature ideas, rapidly prototyping and testing these ideas using a hypothesis-driven, “lean startup” framework, and rolling out new features across our customer base. A key area of product development will be in digitization: using mobile money, automated messaging services (voice and text), and apps to increase the scalability of our product.

The overall goal of this position is to coordinate product innovation across the company to drive meaningful increase in engagement, customer satisfaction, and ultimately retention.
Essential to this position is context and experience with our target market:

You have lived in Ghana for several years (or if not, West Africa or Africa more widely)
You have worked with smallholder farmers
You have built digital services for customers who…Might be illiterate or have little education
Might not speak English
Might not have or use a phone or mobile money
You have worked with mobile money products
Equally important is raw intelligence and capability, strong passion for building great product, energy, creativity, and a strong interest in rural (agricultural) development.

Not important is experience with our particular product area: insurance.

Candidates who are strong in many of the following value areas are encouraged to apply:

Entrepreneurial: you require minimal direct supervision and management. With a small amount of guidance and a general mandate from management, you are able to pursue ideas quickly and efficiently.
Creative and resourceful: when faced with a problem, you are able to generate a long list of potential solutions, many of which are not obvious to others, or which have never been tried before. You think “outside the box” and can build up solutions from “first principles” rather than matching solutions to existing patterns that work in other contexts.
Leadership: you lead by example and motivate others around you. You set clear and concise goals, have a thorough understanding of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, and know which levers to pull to achieve the results you desire for you and your team.
Analytical: you are comfortable working with rapidly changing data and utilizing feedback to make conclusions about the results of experiments.
Humble: you seek help without hesitation when you need it and are aware of the limits of your own knowledge. You like to gather insights and advice from a variety of sources and can utilize disparate opinions in order to come to decisive and effective action.
Strong network: you have a pre-existing network in Ghana (or elsewhere), possibly comprising academic experts, high quality young entrepreneurs and recent graduates, managers in the agriculture sector, professional service providers, or government / regulatory officials and agents.
Language: your written and verbal English communication is clear, professional, and error-free. You will be communicating with your own team, and frequently with external stakeholders. Knowing local dialects is a big plus.
Technology: you are extremely comfortable with communication tools like Slack, WhatsApp, and email. You are responsive and able to communicate frequently with a global team. You are extremely proficient at spreadsheet tools (Excel, Google Sheets).
Career growth and development
WorldCover emphasizes a culture of continuous learning and development. As a fast growing startup, there are myriad opportunities to develop new skills, work with a wide array of local and international team members, and develop new areas of business that one can gain responsibility in managing. There will be many opportunities to move into other roles, or grow into more senior positions within the company as the company grows.

Work environment
We allow flexible working hours and location in return for high-quality output and results, frequent communcation and responsiveness, and a firm dedication to our mission and team.

Competitive salary, benefits that exceed global standards.